You've Got Crabs Card Game

You're not going to believe this but sometimes it's good to have crabs - when you're playing You've Got Crabs that is. First thing's first, pick a signal. It can be any signal as look as everyone can 'see it'. Then agree upon said signal with your teammate. Now, starting collecting those crabs! And when you've got four of a kind, remember that signal we just talked about, now's the time to use it - but be warned if someone else catches onto your signal, well... say goodbye to those crabs buddy!

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  • You've Got Crabs Card Game
  • Package contents:
    • 78 x cards - 13 types of Crab Cards (6 of each type) 
    • 28 x Crab Tokens 
    • Crabbing License
  • Assembly: Required
  • Ideal for 4-10 players (must be even numbers)
  • Recommended for ages 8+ years 
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): N/A
  • Country of origin: N/A