The Australian Women's Weekly Inner Health Cookbook

Gut health is the new buzz word in well-being, but why the fuss? By encouraging the right balance of bacteria in our gut we can improve our health in numerous ways; from our immune system, weight and mental health, to the risk of serious diseases. The way to optimise our gut health is via a wholefood diet, rich in resistance starch, fermented and cultured foods. In this book, The Australian Women's Weekly have created over 100+ delicious gut-loving recipes with your inner health in mind.


  • Title: The Australian Women's Weekly Inner Health
  • Publisher: ACP Publishing
  • Genre: Cookbooks
  • Non-fiction
  • No. of pages: 296
  • Paperback cover
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): 21.9 x 26.3 x 2.8