Real Techniques Miracle Finish Blush Sponge

A must have for use with cream blushes, Real Techniques Miracle Finish Blush Sponge gives you that seamless finish that other application methods can't compare to - fingers can leave finger prints and can be awkward for blending, while brushes can leave tell tale brush marks. This Miracle Finish Sponge really lives up to its name, giving you a flawless finish that even high definition filming can't detect.

Ideal particularly for making intensely pigmented blushes easy to work with, Real Techniques Miracle Finish Blush Sponges may also be used to contour and bronze. Compared to a normal Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, the Miracle Finish Sponge is more porous, allowing for a more sheer, translucent finish. Use in a dabbing, stippling motion to build, blur and blend.


  • Makeup blending sponge designed for blush
  • May be used for blush, contour and bronze
  • More porous than a foundation sponge for total control
  • Free from latex
  • May be used with cream, powder and liquid blushes
  • Best used with cream and liquid blushes