Laser Remote Controller For LG TVs

Please note: This product is compatible with most new LG TVs

Whether you've lost your LG TV remote or just after a second one, this remote controller is the perfect replacement. It comes with all the basic TV functions as well as some extra programming buttons, and requires no set up or coding - simply insert batteries and you're ready to flip through your favourite channels!


  • Laser home entertainment accessories
  • Model: Remote Controller For LG TVs
  • Colour: Black
  • Compatibility: Most LG TVs, plasma, LCD and LED (see full list in Specs)
  • System requirements: N/A
  • Features all basic TV functions and extra programming functions
  • Simple to use and requires no setup
  • No coding required
  • Perfect as a second remote
  • Battery: Required (not included)
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): 13 x 3 x 1
  • Weight (approx.): 0.1kg
  • Country of origin: N/A
A Bit About The Brand / More Info

Compatible models:

6710900010A 6710900010G 6710900011W 6710T00008B 6710T00017M 6710T00017B 6710T00019F 6710T00022D 6710V00124V 6710V00126L 6710V00126R 6710V00138N 6710V00138L 6710V00141A 6710V00151S AKB14972914204 AKB33871407 AKB33871409 AKB33871410 AKB69680403 AKB69680404 AKB69680416 AKB72914009 AKB72914020 AKB72915207 AKB72915210 AKB72915211 AKB72976005 AKB36087606 AKB37026802 AKB37026832 AKB37026854 AKB69491501 AKB69680408 AKB70877912 AKB72033901 AKB72216901 AKB72216902 AKB72413303 AKB72911501 BLU-RAY PLAYER AKB72913104 AKB72914277 AKB72915279 AKB72975301 AKB72975902 AKB73215301 AKB73275613 AKB73295901 AKB73375501 AKB73495301 AKB73615302 AKB73615306 AKB73615307 AKB73615308 AKB73615362 AKB73635408 MKJ32022804 MKJ37815707 MKJ37815709 MKJ40653830 MKJ42519601 MKJ42519618 MKJ42519628 MKJ61611305 MKJ61611321 MKJ61611325 MKJ61841702 MKJ61842701 MKJ30036801 MKJ32022805 MKJ32022814 MKJ32022826 MKJ32022835 MKJ32022838 MKJ33981404 MKJ33981406 MKJ33981410 MKJ33981413 MKJ33981422 MKJ37815702 MKJ39170804 MKJ39170805 MKJ39170806 MKJ40653802 MKJ40653806 MKJ40653807 MKJ40653831 MKJ42519601 MKJ42519604 MKJ42519605 MKJ49980313 MKJ61611303 105-207J 105-209D 105-210A 105-212D 105-214C 105-219A 105-224E 105-224G 105-229Y 105-230A 105-230X 6710900010S 6710900011N 6710900014A 6710T00017J 6710V000079A 6710V00007A 6710V00007Q 6710V00007H 6710V000080C 6710V000080A 6710V00008C 6710V000140F 6710V00017E 6710V00018A 6710V00026C 6710V00027F 6710V00028G/H/R/S 6710V00029E 6710V00032U 6710V00042E 6710V00054E 6710V00056A/ 6710V00061D 6710V00070A/B 6710V00077S/N/Z 6710V00077T 6710V00078A/S/E/H 6710V0007W 6710V00083U/S 6710V00088A 6710V00090A 6710V00090L 6710V00090W 6710V00109B

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24 October 2020


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16 October 2020

Fantastic its worth buy

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09 October 2020

Works well

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23 September 2020

No problems, works very well.

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10 November 2020