Kuhn Rikon 30cm Stainless Steel Tongs Non-Stick Silicone Kitchen Cooking

SKU: 22725

Sleek and beautiful tongs from Kuhn Rikon.

This soft edge kitchen tongs have flared ends that securely grip foods.

Coated with silicone ends and heat resistant up to 230 ° C.

Safe for non-stick finishes and built for heavy-duty grabbing and turning.

Designed for multipurpose use, one side holds juice in while the other let them drain away.

Great for indoor/outdoor cooking like grilling, steaming, roasting and etc.

Cook with confidence that your tongs won't wilt or melt under pressure using Kuhn Rikon Soft Edge kitchen tongs!

Colour: Black

Perforated - juices drain away

Silicone - heat resistant up to 230°C

Perfect for non-stick cookware

Width: 68 mm

Height: 81 mm

Weight: 146 g

This item comes with a 12-month warranty.