Bernard Cornwell Collection 4-Book Set


Paul Shanahan - part-time surveyor, erstwhile IRA arms dealer and sometime suspected CIA agent - is a full-time scoundrel. But he's the perfect man if you need an illicit operation done - and done well. So when five million dollars' worth of gold smuggled out of occupied Kuwait needs to get from Morocco to Miami by boat with no questions asked, Paul Shanahan is the name on everyone's lips. Except this time, Paul has other, more personal plans for the money. But first he must outwit the IRA, the CIA, British Intelligence and Palestinian terrorist Il Hayaween in order to prove how big a scoundrel he really is...


In muddy waters, even heroes drown Trouble at sea for an ex-war hero... His father in prison for fraud, his ex-wife bleeding him dry and his spine shattered by a bullet, Falklands war hero Nick Sandman, VC, has no money and no prospects. Only his boat - Sycorax -and his dream of sailing her away from his troubles is keeping him alive. But Sycorax is as crippled as Nick. To rebuild his wrecked and stranded dream, Nick is forced into a devil's bargain with egomaniacal TV star Tony Bannister. Bannister is the owner of Wildtrack, an ocean racer, and he wants Nick to be part of the crew that will sail the ship to victory. Bannister, though, has made some powerful enemies who are out for revenge, leaving Nick caught in the middle. Can he keep Wildtrack and his dreams of escape aboard Sycorax afloat?

Sea Lord

Johnny Rossendale has spent the last four years on the seas, away from the titled family he despises. But now he must turn his sailing cutter, the Sunflower, around and sail to Devon, where his mother lies dying. When Johnny makes landfall, though, he finds that his return is eagerly anticipated by some very sinister foes. After an attempt on his life, he realises that someone thinks a missing painting that belongs to the family is in his hands - and, worse, they are prepared to go to any lengths to get hold of it. But as Earl of Stowey, Johnny has eight centuries of robber-baron blood pumping through his veins. He won't let the family fortune fall into the hands of others without a fight...


Honour and drugs don't always mix in the Caribbean... Nick Breakspear thinks he's opted for the easy life, but acting as nursemaid for the idle rich aboard the luxury yacht Wavebreaker in the Bahamas does have its downside. Especially when you come across a bullet-ridden boat not far from the infamous drug baron's hideaway island of Murder Cay. Most people would turn a blind eye. But Nick Breakspear isn't most people. Before long, Nick and the crew of Wavebreaker find themselves caught in the middle of a drug war between two equally matched and just as deadly forces. And neither side is taking prisoners...


  • Title: Bernard Cornwell Collection 4-Book Set
  • Pack contents:
    • Sea Lord
    • Scoundrel
    • Crackdown
    • Wildtrack
  • Author: Bernard Cornwell
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • Genre: Historical 
  • Fiction
  • No. of pages: N/A
  • Paperback cover 
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): 19.5 x 13 (L x W ) 


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04 May 2019

I love reading and now I have enough too keep me going for a few weeks I love them

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16 December 2018

Quick delivery - happy customer

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15 December 2018

great deal

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03 November 2018

First time purchasing multiple books via Catch .... the 4 were fabulous as the author was known to us.

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29 October 2018

Xmas prezzy

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