Beach Road Tea Co. B-Slim Tea 28-Day Pack

The best way to cleanse is for 28 days. Give your body the opportunity to deeply cleanse and regenerate by getting rid of any bloated sluggish feeling you may have and then rejuvenate and regenerate the body. The Bondi B-Slim program is a winning combination of the popular Bondi Slim Tea and Colon Cleanse Tea together with a healthy diet and exercise regime. It’s time to reduce the bloating, speed up your metabolism and boost your energy


  • Beach Road Tea Co. B-Slim Tea 28-Day Pack
  • Total package contents: if applicable
    • Colon Cleanse Tea 80g
    • Bondi Slim 60g
  • Bondi Slim - Teatox Blend
    • Green tea has been used traditionally for detoxification, weight loss, and skin rejuvenation
    • Garcinia cambogia has been used to aid in weight loss
    • Dandelion leaf is known to aid with detoxification, and to remove excess water from your body
    • Hibiscus may help with anti-ageing, and it is rich in antioxidants
    • Yerba Mate has many researched benefits. It has 90% more antioxidants than green tea. It may aid with digestion, mental focus, and promotes weight loss
    • Acai Berry is known as one of the best all round antioxidants
    • Schisandra may help with focus and endurance
    • Calendula is beneficial for your skin
  • Colon Cleanse Tea
    • Flax Seed has oestrogen, antioxidants, and Omega 3
    • Organic Rooibos is known to be good for bone health, heart health, skin, and digestive health. It may even lower your blood sugar
    • Cinnamon naturally may help lower your blood sugar. It has antioxidants, and is great for your skin.
    • Dandelion root is good for detox, skin, cleans your blood, and has gentle laxative properties
    • Licorice root helps your skin and liver. It also has some powerful antioxidants
    • Cacao nibs have antioxidants, fibre, and potassium
    • Fenugreek may help with constipation and upset stomach
    • Rose petals taste great. They are awesome for your skin and have antioxidants
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14 January 2018

Have been using for 3 weeks. Certainly less fluid loading.

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18 November 2017

I am using the tea as the instructions say and I am quite enjoying the flavours and also I feel that the cleanse is working well

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24 August 2017

Stoked I got these so cheap on Catch. Love these teas, the colon one tastes amazing.

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23 August 2017

Great price and shipped very quickly so I could begin my teatox straight away! So happy with my purchase that I purchased more.

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28 November 2016

Great ptoduct. Fast postage.

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