4 x Ambi Pur Lavender & Comfort Plug-in Air Freshener 20mL

Your home can smell as sweet as a field of fresh lavender with Ambi Pur. The Lavender & Comfort Plug-in Air Freshener doesn’t just mask odours, it eliminates them, with adjustable controls for a relaxing lavender fragrance that will help soothe and calm you for up to 80 days.


  • Ambi Pur home fragrances
  • Style: Lavender & Comfort Plug-in Air Freshener
  • Scent: Lavender
  • Pack contents: 4 x 20mL
    • 4 x diffuser unit
    • 4 x perfume bottle
  • Handy plug-in diffuser
  • Eliminates odours
  • Adjustable diffuser controls
  • Fragrance lasts up to 80 days
  • Materials: Plastic/glass/metal
  • Country of origin: Spain
Product Specs

Ambi Pur has been keeping your toilet fresh for years and they’ve always done the best job at it. That’s why at Catch we’ve got some insane deals on Ambi Pur products and air fresheners. Perfect for the car, toilet, house or bathroom, Ambi Pur has you covered and we’ve got you covered on price. The Ambi Pur Toilet Rim Block has a 5-in-1 action of freshness, anti-limescale, shines, cleans and deodorise at the same time. Keeping your toilet fresh and sparkly for when forgotten about guests appear. Know that your toilet is clean and smells amazing with Ambi Pur!



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13 July 2019

Easy to use, strong fragrance

16 May 2020

Awesome, they work well

02 May 2020

Have one in every room of the house. Fragrance isn’t always noticeable but it is there.

30 April 2020

Great value

27 April 2020

Want more fantastic if you have a dog