3 x Vicks Vaponaturals Flavoured Drops Lemon Menthol 19pk

Don't let an itchy throat ruin the moment - because you may be down with a cough, but your tastebuds don't have to suffer for it too. Vicks VapoNaturals coats your dry and itchy throat with a great tasting balance of lemon and menthol. Unleash the power of your voice with Vicks! 


  • Vicks Vaponaturals Flavoured Drops 
  • Pack contents: 3 x 19pk = 57 lozenges
  • Flavour: Lemon Menthol
  • Coats dry and itchy throats
  • Great tasting balance of lemon and menthol
  • Handy resealable bag
  • Best Before: 30/01/2020
  • Country of origin: Germany
A Bit About The Brand / More Info

Soothes the throat and clears the nose, Vicks help to soothe and cool your irritated throat and clear your nasal passages. With a range of VapoDrops, cough syrup and lozenges, feel better with Vicks!