3 x 12pk Playboy XL Tailored Lubricated Condoms

Specifically designed for those with larger than average members, these XL Tailored condoms are the perfect fit you're looking for! Experience the balance of premium latex and a grade-A silicone lubricant, these meticulously tested condoms will provide everything you're looking for in a simply balanced condom. 


  • Playboy XL Tailored Lubricated Condoms
  • Pack contents: 3 x 12pk = 36
  • Flavourless, no scent and natural colour 
  • 100% electronically tested for safety and reliability
  • Batch tested for leakage through the use of Electrolyte Water Testing Equipment
  • Materials: Latex, A-grade silicone lubricant 
  • Nominal width: 56mm
  • Expiry Date: 30/11/2023
  • Country of origin: Thailand