14 x Atkins Endulge Chocolate Break Bars

Who says losing weight has to be boring and flavourless? Satisfy your senses with Atkins Chocolate Break bars! The low carb bar to kick your chocolate craving without the guilt! low carb chocolate shake mix you can have your break and eat it too! Atkins is low carb and high protein so you can get your body in action with great tasting shakes along the way! 


  • Atkins Advantage Chocolate Break Bars
  • Pack contents: 14 x 3 bar packs (3 x 21.5g)
  • Flavour: Chocolate
  • 2.6g of carbs per serve
  • 1.4g of sugar per serve
  • Kick your chocolate craving
  • Guilt-free!
  • Perfect for anyone trying to maintain or lose weight
  • Expiry Date: 01/05/2021


  • Always read the label
  • Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet
  • Excess consumption may have a laxative effect.
  • While weight management products may be of assistance in your weight loss journey, a healthy energy-controlled diet and a sufficient and appropriate exercise program is also important to achieving your weight loss goal.
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18 September 2018

I love these and they're normally from $7 upwards for a 3 pack in Woolworths. It was 14 packs of 3 (so 42 chocolates in total) :-)

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09 August 2020

these are a great healthy kit kat alternative

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16 July 2020

Awesome just like the Kit Kat bars

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12 September 2018

Taste just like kit kats without the guilt

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03 November 2020

Terrific vue and quick delivery

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