Pick Your Poison Party Card Game

Behold, the ultimate 'Would You Rather?' party game! Get to know your nearest and dearest on a whole new level with 350 poison cards! Which one will you choose?


  • Pick Your Poison Party Card Game
  • Pack contents: 
    • Game board
    • 350 Poison cards
    • Pick and Double Down cards for 16 players
    • Score sheet
    • 5 house rules
  • Each round one player is the judge
  • The Judge combines two Poison cards
  • Players ask questions about the Poison cards
  • The Judge expands on them as they wish
  • Players anonymously "Pick their poison" and hope the other players agree with them
  • Votes are revealed and points are tallied by the Judge
  • The Judge wins when players disagree, players win when they vote with the majority of other players
  • Ideal for 3-8 players
  • Recommended for ages 17+ years
  • Country of origin: N/A