Shit Happens: Full Of Shit Edition Game

Is adult circumcision BETTER or WORSE than getting your left breast caught in a mangle? Is it WORSE than finding out that the love of your life is actually your long lost sister? Let's face it, shit happens to all of us, right? Shit Happens is a game full of shitty situations, and you have to rank them from bad, to awful, to WTF! Including 300 original Shitty situations, the first player to accumulate 10 cards wins - what are you waiting for? Let's get shitty!


  • Goliath games
  • Shit Happens: Full Of Shit Edition 
  • Pack contents:
    • 200 cards
    • 100 additional cards  
    • Instructions
  • Includes 300 shitty situation cards w/ illustrations & misery index scores
  • The misery index reviewed by serious, highly qualified grown-ups 
  • Find out how your friends rank shitty events
  • Great for parties
  • Ideal for 2+ players
  • Recommended for ages 18+ years
  • Country of origin: N/A


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08 August 2019

This game is hilarious. Absolutely recommend.

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03 November 2019

Looks good but haven’t used it it’s for a Xmas present

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23 August 2019

This is a great Adults only game. So much fun

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14 August 2019

Too game

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08 June 2019

Very entertaining game

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