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Whoever told you electric scooters are lame is wrong! The electric scooter has become a staple mode of transportation for the adrenaline seeking teenager as well as the humble office worker who just needs a way to zip between offices in a hurry. Celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith and even Mike Tyson champion the electric scooter as a preferred way to get around. And now you can join the ranks by scoring a great deal on an electric scooter at Catch! Discover unbeatable deals on the best e-scooter brands like Razor, Globber and HillTop. The e-scooter seems to be taking on a bit of a global trend with the gadget seemingly popping up in cities around the world. The Electric scooter has even been adopted by ride-sharing services like Lyft, Uber and Bird!

Are you worried about the legalities surrounding e-scooters and where you’re allowed to use them? Don’t be! Unless you live in South Australia, most low power electric scooters are perfectly legal to ride in most states across the country! With new laws being introduced and trials being conducted in Western Australia by scooter sharing company Lime, it’s only a matter of time before e-scooters are legalized everywhere, in which case you won’t want to miss out! You can take the anxiety out of the actual act of riding the scooter by realizing it’s not that different from riding a regular one. To get going, you’ll typically stand on the platform with one foot and kick off with the other as you would a traditional scooter only now you have a throttle to use to accelerate and a bicycle style brake lever you can use to stop. However, it’s definitely recommended you take the scooter for a few test runs in a non built up, quiet area first so you can get a good feel for how it handles. Before long though we’re sure your new Electric Scooter will become yours and your little ones favorite way to get around.

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Don’t let your car be the only ‘whip’ you brag about! If you drive a fully electric or even a hybrid vehicle you’ve probably experienced “range anxiety” to some degree. Lucky there’s an easy fix for range anxiety when it comes to your e-scooter. If you need more juice, just carry it! Although a spare battery may seem like a hefty thing to carry around, it could very well save you the pain and obligatory walk of shame when your scooter does run out of battery. Catch has unbeatable deals on the latest and greatest e-scooter brands. The HillTop electric scooter is built for comfort and simplicity. Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminium, this e-scooter is guaranteed to be durable, compact and powerful enough to handle your daily commute effortlessly. You may have heard that electric scooters have a high accident risk but this actually is not true. From accident figures collated from countries like Australia, South Korea and the USA, no increased risk can be derived from electric scooters compared to other means of transport. In addition, reports show it is proven that the more popular a means of transport becomes, the fewer accidents it causes per kilometre! You can rest assured that yourself and your little ones will be safe whilst having an immeasurable amount of fun on your new favorite gadget!

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