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It’s pretty much par for the course in 2020 to adopt a health conscious lifestyle. We’re constantly being bombarded with images of chiseled abs and perfectly sculpted bods across popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You wouldn’t be remiss for taking a pass on stocking up on sweets and treats in favour of keeping your health in check. But who says indulging in a treat every now and then means abandoning your new diet and exercise routine entirely? At Catch you can bulk buy pantry staple sweets from your favorite brands like Cadubury, Nestle and Allen’s and snack on them to your heart’s content! Maybe you’ve had a hard day at the office or on the tools or you’re just in need of a sweet midday pick me up? The intention isn’t to try to cope with your daily stressors by indulging in sugary treats but rather give yourself a little harmless reward for another day’s work done. There’s also a social aspect to chocolate, jelly babies and other confectionery that can’t be ignored. Think about all the times you’ve been binging Netflix on your own or with your mates and thought how much sweeter the experience of watching your favorite film or series would be if you could just get your hands on some chocolate, Jellies or marshmallows? When you’re done smashing the salty microwave popcorn, there’s no better feeling than cleansing and balancing the palate with a sweet! Bulk chocolates, lollies and more are on sale now at Catch!

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Oscar Wilde once said “Everything in moderation...even moderation itself!” when it comes to sweet foods we can’t help but agree! Consuming anything to excess is surely going to end badly for you, especially true when it comes to sugary foods, however, sugar does possess some unexpected and overlooked benefits. Our body's primary source of fuel is Glucose, which funnily enough comes from the breakdown of sugars. Insulin transports the glucose to cells where it’s metabolized and converted into energy. Without glucose we literally wouldn’t have stamina to take on the day's activities. Of course that doesn’t mean binging out on a whole block of chocolate is going to give you all day energy but spacing out little sweet treats throughout the day can be a great and healthy way to keep your engine running and give you something to look forward to if your days are starting to drag a bit. Another key overlooked benefit of confectionery is it’s mood boosting properties. This can be particularly beneficial if you find yourself having to work from home more or fall ill. Sugar activates the pleasure center of our brain and causes a rush of dopamine. This will produce an immediate, euphoric feeling. Of course the key is to not go overboard, when it comes to sugary foods you definitely can have too much of a good thing! Grab an unbeatable deal on confectionary, sweets, treats and more and get it delivered straight to your door at Catch!