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Have you ever accidentally baked a cake for too long? We know the feeling. There’s nothing sadder than having a burnt cake when you’ve been looking forward to dig into it. That’s where a kitchen timer comes in handy. It’s moments like this where a kitchen timer will ensure your baked goods are cooked through perfectly. Sure, you can use the timer on your smartphone but a kitchen timer goes off so loud, you’re most likely able to hear it from anywhere in your house. Plus, it’ll save yourself from possible expensive accidents like dropping your expensive phone into the batter or onto the floor. If you ask us, a kitchen timer is a great kitchen tool! Lucky for you, we’ve got a variety of timers available online at Catch!

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Whether you prefer an egg timer or a digital one, we have it all here under one roof at unbeatable prices. If you’ve been looking to buy a digital timer, look no further! Here at Catch, we have a spectacular selection of digital timers from brands like Appetito, Avanti and more. Our digital timers have magnetic backs to allow you to place it on your fridge or cooker hood. We also offer a great selection of egg timers in a bunch of fun designs from cute pandas to quirky chicken designs. What are you waiting for? Shop online for all your kitchen timer needs today!