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Welcome to the online Under Armour outlet!

Under Armour...on sale!? That’s right! We don’t want you to break the bank on sportswear, which is why we’ve slashed prices on all things Under Armour. Our online Under Armour sale is like no other; with such a wide range of goods from Under Armour pants to jackets and accessories, there’s something for everyone across all ages! We all know that exercise is an essential element in order to achieve optimal health. There are the physical benefits, but also positive social and mental outcomes you can get from moving your body. And Under Armour is here to facilitate your physical activity.

It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who likes going for a light jog a few times a week, or someone who hits the gym for an intense workout every day, we’ve got your needs covered at the Under Armour sale! You could shop elsewhere and overpay for average quality gear, or you could shop here at the online Under Armour outlet, and score some Screamin’ Good Deals on premium sports apparel that not only looks good but helps boost performance and recovery! Not to mention, the comfortability of Under Armour pants, shirts, jackets, shoes… pretty much all products this iconic brand has come out with. Explore the Gym wear sale today at Catch and save serious bucks!

Gear up with Under Armour!

With the sheer number of goods we’ve got stocked at the Catch Under Armour store, it’s hard to pick up only a few pieces to share! The Men’s HeatGear Short Sleeve Compression Shirt is a real winner in our books - built with the Under Armour’s innovate HeatGear fabric, this garment will keep your body cool and dry for optimal performance. The anti-odour technology prevents the growth of odour causing microbes, while the UPF 30+ keeps you protected from the sun! We can’t fathom how such a simple looking, minimalistic shirt can contain so many impressive features - but that’s Under Armour for you. Ladies, a pair of the Women’s Fitness Yoga Athletic Leggings should be a wardrobe staple. Perfect for running, pilates, yoga, gym...pretty much any form of exercise! Although the brand is primarily known for its compression garments, Under Armour do “outer armour” too!

Take the Women’s Fleece Lined Fitness Hoodie for example - an essential for some outdoor exercise on those chilly days. For the blokes, we’ve got the Men’s ½ Zip Jacket - the loose fit means your movement isn’t limited one bit! And when it comes to footwear, we’re not exaggerating when we say Under Armour do it all - casual sneakers, basketball shoes, running shoes, hiking boots and more. The Kid’s Jet High Top Basketball Shoes will have your little basketball star jumping and running around, shooting hoops in style! Find all these products at our online Under Armour outlet today. Once you find the ones you like, we’ll deliver ‘em straight to your door! Happy shopping.

Under Armour: Innovation at its best

Under Armour is a relatively young company, established in Baltimore in 1996. However, during this time, the brand has skyrocketed in popularity and become an instantly recognisable name in the sportswear industry. Kevin Plank, the founder of Under Armour, began selling functional, breathable compression t-shirts from the boot of his car, generating a revenue of $17,000 in the first year of business. This figure grew exponentially over the years, signing deals with various teams and athletes. It wasn’t until 2005 that Plank took the brand public, making the range of compression garments, shoes, t-shirts, jackets and more, available for all. Under Armour’s dynamic and innovative nature was seen through its launch of Under Armour Golf, its line of basketball shoes, and a kit supply for English Premier League teams.

Today, the iconic Under Armour logo is synonymous with quality, functionality and high performance, and the brand is only growing, with big plans for the future. If you’re looking to equip yourself with Under Armour, look no further than the massive gym wear sale, right here at Catch! We’ll have all your Under Armour goods delivered straight to your door. The best selection at the best prices - welcome to the Catch Under Armour SALE.