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What’s best, is you can skip the shopping trip this weekend and just shop from the comfort of your own couch, from the palm of your hand. We’ll take care of the rest and deliver all of your T2 tea straight to your doorstep - simple! T2 are all about reinventing and reimagining the humble tea leaf. Inspired by ancient tea rituals, reimagining them and bringing them to a modern table, every cup they brew is about making tea more enjoyable, more accessible and more experimental.

When it comes to a better cup of tea, T2 know their stuff. From green teas to rooibos, loose leaf to bags and more, T2 offers something for everybody. Save BIG bucks on a wide range of delicious flavours with the T2 variety packs and bundles, available right here at Catch!

T2 Green Tea in heaps of fragrant varieties...

If you’re a fan of green tea, the T2 Five Goodness Green Loose Leaf Tea Set is made just for you. Featuring 5 select green teas by T2 in practical loose leaf boxes, this tea set is the ultimate bundle of green magic. An amazing gift idea, this T2 Five set is available now at Catch at a price you won’t find elsewhere - check it out now and save massive amounts on this month’s tea haul. China Jasmine, Geisha Getaway, Jade Mountain and more - these flavours even sound too good to miss out on.

If you’re after something a little more fruity, the T2 Summer Favourites Tea Pack is your best bet. Featuring beautifully tangy flavours like Citrus Punch, Strawberry Sensation, Raspberry Rush and more, this set is ideal for lovers of fruity flavours. This sweet and fresh pack also comes with a mesh ball tea infuser, so you don’t have to spend more elsewhere.

If you’re anything like us, you love having different flavoured teas in the morning, daytime and before bed. That’s why we love the T2 Variety Pack - this beauty features a whole spectrum of flavours, from the bold Milky Oolong to the tangy Chilli Berry Bloom, and lots of goodness in between. This T2 Variety Pack features a total of 7 loose leaf teas and a mesh ball infuser - the absolute perfect gift for any tea lover (especially yourself!).

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