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    If you’re looking to buy the famous Staedtler pencils, look no further than the Catch stationery sale! Staedtler pencils - from the Mars Lumograph to the tradition 112 - are timeless classics that are known around the world for the comfort, performance and reliability. Shop multipacks of Staedtler pencils today and see what all the fuss is about!

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    Staedtler stationery caters for all creatives - from hobbyists to lovers of design. Their premium collection of fountain pens are perfect for carefully crafted calligraphy, while their fine liners and vibrant colouring kits are ideal for kids getting their wild imaginations down on paper! If you want to shop a huge range of Staedtler stationery, look no further than the Catch stationery sale!

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    Celebrate creativity with Staedtler! A company with a rich history and proud tradition, Staedtler has always meant - ‘made in Germany’ - and us such pride themselves on premium quality you won’t find elsewhere. Pencils stand at the heart of the company; one of the early pencil pioneers was Friedrich Staedtler, an ancestor of the stationery company’s founder. Staedtler themselves pioneered the coloured pencil, with one of the first coloured pencils ever invented by Johann Staedtlerin 1834. If you want to include yourself in this proud tradition of premium stationery, shop online with Catch today!

    As well as boasting a rich history, Staedtler are always looking to innovate. As such, their vibrant Lumocolor ink has revolutionised the market, while their dry safe ink tech means that you can forget to put the lid in your pen without it shriveling into disfunction. Shop Staedtler stationery today to buy pens that you can rely on!