Shapewear for women at great prices

Are you having trouble putting on your favourite pair of pants? well, It can be quite a pain dumping your perfect dresses in the back of your closet, as they no longer fit. Don’t worry, we have a perfect solution for you. How about trying shapewear? Catch has a wide range of the best Shapewear and tummy shapers for women, available at mind-blowing prices. Spanx Shapewear can change how you feel about yourself. So don’t just look at your favourite prom dress anymore - put it on and enjoy being in that perfect shape you’ve always wanted.

With a focus on solving wardrobe woes, the SPANX brand has grown to offer everything that makes women feel better about themselves and boost their confidence. They make shapewear that smoothes tummies, contours curves in the waist and offers full coverage for the whole body to make you look your best. Not that curves are bad, but sometimes those extra fries you had on the weekend can leave you feeling bulgy. We don’t want you to feel guilty about your cravings - instead browse through some amazing shapewear options on catch and solve your problem.

Spanx Shapewear online on Catch

Check out Spanx strapless shapewear online on Catch. They’re simply super comfortable and offer fabulous results. Spanx Women's Skinny Britches Girl Short is one of the kind shapewear for women who are lured to skirts and frocks. It’s made up of almost next to naked fabric that delivers 360° of sheer smoothing action, totally disappearing on the body and appearing seamlessly under even the lightest coloured dresses. What else do you need? Spanx shapewear is your best bet. We have some good news for lace lovers! Spanx Women's Spotlight On Lace High-Waisted Brief is exactly the piece you are looking for. Spotlight on Lace is lingerie with graduated mesh that targets the tummy to provide the softest and lightest shape around!

Shapewear that will change your life forever

We want you to make some bold wardrobe choices. Don’t be afraid of buying body-hugging clothes anymore, with Spanx shapewear, all is well! We have all your trusted big brands in fashion under one roof and 100% online, you can stop searching and start saving today. Shop now on