Slim Secrets

Slim Secrets: Guilt-free snacking every day!

Is your healthy lifestyle often derailed by fast food, sugary treats and other nutritionally-depleted hunger busters? Aussie health food brand Slim Secrets has the solution! Thanks to a dedicated range of snack bars, protein balls, shakes, cookies and puddings, Slim Secrets will help change the way you think about snacking, one bite at a time. Perfect for breakfast, post-exercise or in between meals, Slim Secrets offers a healthy alternative to junk food and sugar-loaded treats. Plus, they’ve got some of the best protein bars money can buy! Stock up on Slim Secrets with Catch today and be ready for any time hunger strikes!

Bite-sized, body-loving, balanced nutrition

Founded in 2005, Slim Secrets is your answer to nutritional treats that help beat the cravings. Rather than promoting extreme dieting or unreasonably restrictive meal plans, the Slim Secrets team believe you can truly have it all. In moderation, of course! With a variety of convenient, healthy and tasty snacks, Slim Secrets is bite-sized, body-loving, balanced nutrition. Best of all, we’ve slashed prices on a great range of Slim Secrets snacks, right here on Catch!

Shop Slim Secrets protein bars, protein puds, cookies and more!

So, where to start? Slim Secrets protein bars will help complement your healthy lifestyle without a hitch. Choose from a tonne of varieties, including Afternoon Snack-Attack, Metabolism Boost, Low Carb Fit & Fab, or Night Time Binge-Buster. Available in flavours like Choc Peanut Fudge or Salted Caramel & Banana, you’ll feel anything but deprived! Slim Secrets’ Craving Crusher is a crowd favourite; a Cookies & Cream-flavoured bar packed with 12g of protein, fibre and green tea extract. For gluten-free options, try Slim Secrets’ Bare Bars, chia Protein Puds, or Protein Indulgence Shakes. And at less than 128 calories, Slim Secrets Designer Cookies are perfect to pop in your gym bag, pair with your afternoon cup of tea or devour whenever else the cravings strike.

Take control of the cravings with Slim Secrets today!

Slim Secrets makes it easy for you to maintain a balanced lifestyle, and follow a healthy diet plan. Making everyday indulgence a reality, Slim Secrets’ protein-packed snacks are the way of the future. Stock up today!