Scholl inserts for optimal support - the best insoles, right here at Catch

Gel insoles by Scholl footwear are exactly what you need if you’re on your feet throughout the day, whether it’s only for a few hours or all day long. Did you know that there are a plethora of benefits that come with wearing gel insoles? If you already own a super comfy pair of shoes, your definition of comfy just might change after you slip in some Scholl orthotics.

These bad boys will not only introduce you to a whole new world of comfort but will also take the pressure off your whole body including your heels, shins, back and knees. For all the active, sporty Aussies out there, you may see improvements in your overall performance and recovery with a pair of gel insoles. For flat feet, this is especially true, as flat arches increase your risk of developing overuse injuries! Not to mention the greater balance and stability you’ll experience. Do any of those positives sound awesome to you? If so, then it only makes sense to browse the range of Scholl inserts we’ve got on offer at Catch!

Scholl orthotics are a must have!

Scholl is one of Australia’s favourite brands in fashionable foot care and footwear. From cushioned insoles to orthopaedic sandals and nail care products, Scholl has been looking after our feet for over a century.

Here at Catch, we’re proud to stock a great range of Scholl footwear and gel insoles, making it even easier for you to care for your hard-working feet without breaking the bank! We all have days where we’re constantly on our feet, running around, getting things done. And although it’s good to be productive, it can really take a toll on your two feet. So let’s support them, and make our lives a little easier, a little less tiring, and a lot more comfortable! We’re proud to stock a range of Scholl products at the home of Screamin’ Good Deals.

The Scholl AU 8-13 Gel Activ Work Insole is perfect for all the blokes out there looking for some impressive shock absorption, while the AU 6-9 Gel Active Everyday Insole is the go-to for all you ladies wanting to reduce excessive pressure during daily activities. Check out the Scholl Orthaheel Sandals if you want to experience the benefits of Scholl’s revolutionary technology while wearing some simple slip-on footwear. The leather upper, grip sole, and microfibre lining make these beauties a premium, durable, comfortable addition to any wardrobe.

This range of footwear will take you wherever you want to go - whether it's the beach, the backyard or around the world. As one of Australia’s favourite Scholl shoe stockists, we’ve got a tonne of Scholl footwear on sale right here on Catch. Look no further for all your foot care needs, at prices you won’t find anywhere else! Happy shopping.

Scholl: Leaders in functional footwear and optimal foot care

In order to fully appreciate each and every Scholl product, we need to look back on how this world-renowned brand came to be. William Scholl had a passion for the anatomy of feet and how they can have an effect on the whole body. He began studying at medical school, after noticing the sheer amount of people who had aching, painful feet.

Once William qualified as a doctor, he wasted no time establishing ‘Scholl’ and creating footwear and insoles using his professional knowledge and expertise. Once the word caught on about the comfort and support that Scholl insoles provided, sales skyrocketed and were even worn by celebrities. Fast forward to today, and as you can see, Scholl has now been in the game for over 100 years. That’s 100 years of constant research, innovation, listening to customer feedback, and further improving their products, so the brand can provide nothing but the best for everyone’s feet.

Scholl’s central philosophy is simple: “to improve the health, comfort and wellbeing of people by caring for their feet”. Indeed, the brand is dedicated to designing footwear and foot care products that strike a balance between comfort, style and innovative technology. So whether it’s a pair of Scholl gel insoles or Scholl Orthaheels, you can rest assured you’re doing a whole lot of good for your feet. Catch is the best place to grab an incredible deal on gel insoles - shop from the comfort of your own home, and we’ll deliver your Scholl footwear products, straight to your doorstep. It’s a walk in the park!