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Revlon: The Big Apple of quality cosmetics

Founded in 1932 by the Revson brothers and chemist Charles Lachman in New York, Revlon has grown into a global icon. The fiery fashion of the 60s in America enabled Revlon to shake up the norm in style, introducing the ‘American Look’ to global audiences and cementing itself into the minds of global fashionistas. With a new wave of feminism ringing in the 70s, Revlon began mirroring the progress of women everywhere with its new lines of face and eye makeup. With dynamic female ambassadors like Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone at the helm, Revlon today is revolutionising quality cosmetics and haircare for the new age. From primer, lipstick to eyeliner, we’ve got you covered with our Revlon makeup sale, right here at Catch!

Create your go-to makeup kit today

Every modern woman needs a go-to kit to help them shine - no matter what the occasion. Your perfect makeup kit should consist of your absolute favourites and trusted products only. Don’t skimp on the quality of your cosmetics and certainly don’t overpay for your most essential bits and bobs. With high quality Revlon cosmetics and haircare at great prices, you can shine confidently every day. Pair Revlon’s Super Lustrous Cherry Blossom Lipstick with your little black dress this weekend and turn some heads in style.

Get crazy with Nail Art or stay classic with PhotoReady Primer

Revlon’s wide range of cosmetics lets you shine in a whole variety of looks. With a whole spectrum of colour shades and everything from mascara to lipstick and Revlon hair treatment with coconut (our personal favourite) you can stock up on your essential goodies at a fraction of the price. With Catch’s slashed prices, you can fill your cart and still save for the weekend.

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