Post it

Brainstorming has never been the same since Post It notes launched

For more than 35 years, Post It have been helping people increase their productivity, encouraging better communication and fostering creative expression. Their unique lightly sticky surface was discovered by a scientist in the 80’s and ever since, they’ve revolutionised the way people work.

The handy little Post It notes are ideal for placing on surfaces you don’t want to damage but the cleverness doesn’t end here - being able to remove and restick provides added convenience unlike any other stationery product. Chop and change them visually as your plans change, allowing your ideas to flow unhindered.

Make it happen with sticky notes by Post It

Post It notes are perfect for those who prefer visually organising concepts, and their interactive nature lets you craft plans in a way that's best for your learning, communicating and remembering. Their productivity is something you won’t know you need until you do.

Next-level efficiency starts here. Organise your spaces, files, documents and indexes with eye-catching colour coding. These quick notes are suitable for both play and professionalism alike - no matter how complex the problem, you can rely on Post It to preserve all your ideas in the most fun and vibrant way imaginable.

Your goals will always stick with a bit of help from Post It notes

The possibilities available with Post It’s sticky notes are endless, letting your imagination run wild! Get your creative self on paper and remain on top of a busy schedule. Or, unload what’s on your mind to keep focused… with Post It’s, you never have to lose your train of thought or risk forgetting something important! Use them as handy flashcards or jog your memory by leaving reminders dotted around the house or office. Perfect for thinking fast, brainstorming and teaching kids organisation without making it a chore, Post Its have equal usefulness for young ones as what they do for even the most seasoned professional. Help your team channel unique solutions and navigate towards successful outcomes, or assist students in achieving their study goals. Whether it’s jotting down quick ideas, communicating visually, collaborating more effectively or decluttering lives in general, Post It’s have a variety of uses just waiting to be discovered today! With great deals at Catch and delivery direct to your door, grabbing your own set of sticky notes will bring you one step closer to a more productive life. Shop now and pick up a Screamin’ Good Deal from Catch today!