Packit: Bring your lunch anywhere

Created by mum-preneur Melissa Kieling, Packit was made to solve the age-old problem of clumsy lunch box antics. Keeping your food cool until lunch time can be a chore. With toxic gel packs and melting ice being our go-to to keep food fresh, there’s definitely room for a better solution. Packit is safe, easy to use and is the complete solution to store your food at the right temperature until the right time. Since its creation, Packit has grown into a global brand that delivers reliable, high quality and family-friendly products to happy customers everywhere.

The ultimate lunch box that stays cool

Packit lunch boxes and bags completely eliminate the need for toxic gel packs or melting ice. With a built-in cooling system, you can keep your lunch cool the easy way and never have to struggle to keep your food fresh again - so you can enjoy it precisely when you want to. Perfect for work, school trips, the beach and everywhere in between, you can make the most of your day knowing you’ve got fresh food to enjoy.

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