More than just containers

Many people say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. They bring families together and are the birthplace of food and memories. So what does that make the pantry? An organised pantry can be the key to an efficient and effective kitchen. OXO Good Grips Containers provide the solution to organise even the most unorganised pantries. Smash your next dinner party out of the park with a kitchen so organised even your clueless guests will know where everything is. These clear containers help you identify the contents and even help keep your food fresher for longer - no more soggy Anzac biscuits! Coming in all shapes and sizes, store anything from almonds to zatar in these space-efficient and stackable containers. Shop from inside your pantry with Catch’s 100% online super store! Save your time and money by ditching the long shopping aisles and count on your goods being delivered Australia wide right to your home.

Essential kitchen tools

OXO began with a peeler and some love. 25 years later the peeler is just one tool in OXO’s extensive range of kitchen necessities. Become the Inspector Gadget of your kitchen with an array of tools that’ll make even the great Gordon Ramsey jealous. Overflow your drawers with tools to slice, snip, dice, whip, tenderise, peel, measure and mash! We could go on, but you get the picture - so many tools, all for different culinary tasks. One such tool to highlight is the OXO Good Grips Pop-out Apple Divider. Divide and conquer your enemies, or apples by splitting them into 8 perfect pieces whilst simultaneously removing the core - done in seconds! All these fascinating kitchen gadgets can be yours to own through the Catch online superstore. With delivery right up to your door, don't hesitate to shop for OXO at Catch.

OXO even cover cleaning

So by now you’ve organised your pantry with containers and had your fancy dinner party - it's now time to clean. No one enjoys cleaning but some tools help lighten the load and make this chore less of a hassle. Wipe down windows, worktops and mirrors with the OXO Good grips Wiper Blade. It’s durable silicone blade cuts over surfaces drawing water away with it for streak free drying. For those tricky to reach high up places, extend out with the OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster. It’s head pivots to multiple angles with the push of a button and is even machine washable for continued cleaning. Now's the time where you could get all the items your busy home requires with a tap of a screen or click of the mouse. Since Catch is all online don't sweat it out in the shop, buy from the comfort of your home. Check out all the deals on OXO at Catch.