Jackson: Powering Australia and the world since 1987

Jackson Industries is a manufacturer and supplier of telecommunication and electrical products to major retailers and companies around the world. With over 20 years of operation, Jackson is most likely in your home right now! Jackson is available in over 18 000 retail stores and has over 30 million products in use in Australia alone plus more in surrounding countries. What does this mean? Jackson is the most trusted electrical company and is the number one choice for your needs. Power up with Jackson!

Quality by design

With a lifetime warranty, Jackson guarantees its quality, backed by great design and ensuring the safety of families across the globe. Turn on the switch to a safer and more reliable product such as Jackson. The Jackson 2 or 4 Outlet is ideal for your outdoor electrical needs featuring spring loaded caps, weatherproof housing and a unique design so that you can boast to your neighbours an incredible Christmas light show, powered by a Jackson Outlet.

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