Emtec: Technology made for life

Emtec embodies the true value of technology, creating products that help professionals, families and everyone in between experience their everyday in new and exciting ways. Emtec is driven forward by ongoing innovation in competitive products and backed by a lifetime of expertise in what makes a great product and most importantly, a happy customer. At Catch, you can grab all your essential Emtec gear at prices you won’t find elsewhere, so you can pile up your cart without busting the bank.

Immersive entertainment, go-to accessories and more

Emtec mobile accessories are made to fit all lifestyles. Whether you’re grinding on the 9 to 5 or lounging on holiday, Emtec lets you stay connected in style. Experience impeccable audio quality with Emtec earbuds, designed to give you unrivalled clarity of sound and comfortable fit. To keep the tunes coming, emtec power banks are just the thing to keep you on the grid, whether you’re at home or off the beaten track. You can conquer the urban jungle and stay charged with a series of super practical power banks that sit snugly in any pocket or bag.

Massive storage in the palm of your hand

At Catch, you can safeguard your data for less with a wide range of Emtec USB and external hard drives built to back up anything and everything you care for. In today’s age, it’s never been more important to ensure your information is safe and retrievable. Protect your digital assets with the Emtec Wi-Fi USB 3.0 hard drive with a whopping 2 terabytes of space.

Keeping your data safe has never been so simple

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