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Let’s all just take a second to think about how many hours a day we’re on our feet. For many of us, it’s a lot of hours. Bata know this all too well, which is why its dedicated to providing shoes with optimal comfort and support. And if you though comfortability comes at a cost of having to sacrifice style, you’d be wrong! Well, in the case of Bata shoes at least. Its diverse range of aesthetically appealing and comfy footwear is a real game-changer - but you have to try ‘em to really find out for yourself. And now you can by grabbing a pair (or five) at Catch! We’ve got both men’s and women’s Bata shoes at heavily discounted prices. Gone are the days where kicks set you back big time, leaving your pockets empty! Check out the collection by Bata shoes Australia today and enjoy the savings. Welcome to Catch - the home of Screamin’ Good Deals.

Bata shoes for any occasion!

There are a plethora of things we love about Bata, but naming them all would result in a 50+ page essay. To save you from eye-strain, let’s just tell you about some of our top picks on sale at Catch right now! For all the hard-working tradies out there, Bata has got some sturdy boots that’ll stand the test of time. The Helix Ranger Lace Boots are about as durable as it gets, thanks to their steel toe caps, rubber and Nubuck leather upper, and heat-resistant stitching. But whilst being as tough as nails, these bad boys also provide the best possible suspension, maximising the reduction of fatigue and stress on the feet. Bata also has a whole bunch of goodies for the little ones. Whether the school holidays are coming to an end, or your munchkin has put their shoes through the hard yards and you need to buy another pair, Bata is the go-to. From laced to velcro and T-bar school shoes, you’re bound to find a style that’ll suit your child! Casual shoes are up for grabs as well, but we’ll let you go check ‘em out. Head on over to the Bata shoes SALE today and give your feet the cushiony love they deserve.

Bata Shoes - Rich in History, Superb in Quality

Over a century ago in 1894 is when Bata officially came to life. Three siblings in the Czechoslovakian town of Zlin were the eighth generation of family shoe makers. That right there tells you just how much knowledge and passion is behind this history-rich brand. Bata build up a solid reputation overtime, eventually expanding globally, providing superior quality footwear for all. The brand made its mark in Australia in 1961, and has maintained consistency in its values and mission - that is, to provide top-notch footwear. So now that we’ve given you a little run-down on what Bata is all about, it’s time for you to take a look at what’s on offer!