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Avanti Appliances are at Catch for a BARGAIN! | Don’t miss out

At Catch, we’re always offering the best home and kitchen products money can buy. If you’re shopping for Avanti online then look no further because you’ve found the best deals possible. Keep your espresso hot with the double walled borosilicate glass cups. Perfect for home or even as a gift to a coffee loving friend. Impress all your pals when they come around for a cuppa and cake with your awesome glassware. Get in now & save big bucks this season.

The upstanding way to drink your coffee is here

Avanti Kitchenware is known for keeping your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. They do this with their borosilicate glass technology. Their glasses prevent condensation on the outer surface while you’re drinking a cold drink and prevent your fingertips from burning when you’re downing that extra hot latte. Great for deserts of liqueur coffees you can also snap up the Avanti Irish Coffee Glass Set. With it’s sturdy footed base and durable toughened glass, it makes any average cup or glass look inferior. What are you waiting for? Grab one today and save with the true Aussie megastore - Catch!