Ambi Pur

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Ambi Pur has been keeping your toilet fresh for years and they’ve always done the best job at it. That’s why at Catch we’ve got some insane deals on Ambi Pur products and air fresheners. Perfect for the car, toilet, house or bathroom, Ambi Pur has you covered and we’ve got you covered on price. The Ambi Pur Toilet Rim Block has a 5-in-1 action of freshness, anti-limescale, shines, cleans and deodorise at the same time. Keeping your toilet fresh and sparkly for when forgotten about guests appear. Know that your toilet is clean and smells amazing with Ambi Pur! Grab a awesome deal from us today and save on those hard hitting prices! - Catch

Ambi Pur Products are on SALE at Catch!

Ambi Pur keeps your toilet looking fresh and smelling great when you really need it most. It’s amazing 5-in-1 technology makes any household fall in love with it by doing the right job at the right time. There is nothing worse than cleaning your toilet and it going dirty not even a day later, that’s why Ambi Pur has you covered. Ambi Pur products are awesome and everyone who tries it once can’t stop buying them from then on. The Ambi Pur air freshener works wonders and will never have you looking back! Grab yourself some Ambi Pur products today and save your cash with Catch!